Do I need software to use purchased designs?
No, software is not required. You can transfer designs directly to your machine without computer software.

Are there any free programs to open and view designs on my computer?
Yes! There is a free program called Wilcom Trusizer that will let you view designs, stitching order, change format, ect. It is available here.

How do I combine letter fonts to create a name without sewing each file individually?
There are lots of programs to accomplish this, one of them is SewWhat pro. There is a free trial version available here.

Can I resize purchased designs?
It is not recommended to resize designs, the stitch count and density will not change and will lead to problems while stitching.

Why are the outline and stitched areas not lining up when I sew my design?

This is usually caused by not hooping or stabilizing properly. Be sure to use the correct stabilizer for the material you are stitching. If you are using a dense design with a lot of stitches it is best to use one or two layers of a thick cutaway stabilizer to keep your fabric from shifting while stitching.